Vajrayogini class

Zim’og Rinpoche will teach from a teachings of Vajrayogini. An uncommon lineage from Naropa-Tsarchen-Jamyang khyentse wangchuk. This has arisen from special requests and to prepare the way for retreats.

Prerequisites include having received a Vajrayogini initiation or other close high initiation. Prior attendance at Rinpoche’s Kalachakra Tantra class will also be taken into account.
Vajrayogini Teaching Term 3
This is extremely exciting news and what many people have been waiting for! Our deep gratitude to Rinpoche for this wonderful blessing.
Wednesday night teachings are scheduled to run from Wed 29 July– Wed 9 Sept 2015 for 5 weekly class sessions with a break on 19 & 26 August.

In preparation for the teaching, we request that any books on Vajayogini borrowed from the library that are not being used, please be returned.

Any further info plz call +61-449996492

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