Wednesday Teachings

TERM 2 – Preliminary practices (Ngondro)

18 May – 22 June,  7:30 – 9:00pm

This foundational preliminary teaching is the starting point in the higher practices of all four classes of Tibetan Buddhism. The book “words of my perfect teacher” derives from the highest Dzogchen practice called “the preliminary practice to engage in depth of Longchenpa’s zogchen Nyingtik=heart necter”. Master Za-patrul, a student of Jigme Lingpa. This text explains the ordinary or outer preliminaries and inner preliminaries to culminate the great end goal.

In sakya, this is included in the LAMDRE teaching which was directly given to and from Lord Virupa, “the path which is resultant”. An opening to a great view ofINSEPERABILITY OF THIS AND BEYOND “KHORDE YERMED/ the singular taste”.

In Gelugpa, THE LAMRIM “THE STAGES OF THE PATH” also a very beautiful text with the complete set of preliminaries. It was offered by Je Lord Tsongkhapa to his two heart disciples and became widespread.

In Kagyu pa, The culmination of GREAT SEAL or MAHAMUDRA is also by treading the path of preliminary practices.

Nalandra institute is honouring their legacy and hand picking their profound works on wisdom wherever it is needed. Za patrul Rinpoche is widely known, and was one of the leading symbolism of RI-MED Buddhism and this particular text is in very ordinary language.

The Ngondro teachings will continue in Term 3 (dates to be advised).

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