Tsapa Nalandra

ronton-112x150The Nalendra monastery in Phenyul, in the Penpo
District of Central Tibet, was founded in 1435 by
the great Sakya master Rongtompa Sheja Kunzig, one
of the Six Ornaments of Tibet. This great lama was
born in the eastern country of Gyalmo Rong in 1367,
and is considered to have been an emanation of Arya
He had memories of previous incarnations as
great masters from both India and Tibet, including
Kamalashila. His incomparable clarity as a teacher
and faultless skill in debate won him the title “Lion of
Not only was he an accomplished scholar, but he
was also known for his siddhis, such as resurrecting
the dead, flying in the sky, and his power of
He lived to the age of 84, at which time he left
this world for Tushita heaven.
Nalendra owes its name to the famous Nalanda
centre of learning in India.
The last eighteen holders of the Nalendra throne
have all belonged to the celestial Che clan. The
two principal lines of Lamas who have tended to
Nalendra’s spiritual needs through the centuries, have
been the Chogye Trichen Rinpoches and the Zimwog
Rinpoches. His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche,
supreme head of the Tshar tradition of the Sakyas, was
the twenty-sixth throne holder until his passing into
Paranirvana in 2007.
Nalendra Monastery
2010 • NO. 3 • Melody of Dharma

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