Buddhism 101 Foundation Course

4 Sessions

Sunday 11 and 18 April

Nalandra offers a four-session Buddhism 101 course on the basic foundations of Buddhism. Selected students run the course each time with the best of their knowledge on the topics. The next course will be held on Sunday 11 April (session 1 and 2), and Sunday 18 April (session 3 and 4).

There is no cost for the course although donations are welcomed.

For more information on the course please email us.

Your Guide
Andy MacMillan has been a Buddhist for over 20 years, and a disciple of His Eminence Zimo’g Rinpoche since Rinpoche arrived in Australia in 2008. 
Andy is a proud father of two, and a full-time handyman working in aged care. He has a passion for nature, social justice and the arts. 
He has personally experienced the transformative power of refuge in the 3 Jewels of Buddhism – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. During the 4 sessions of Buddhism 101, Andy will share with you fundamental Dharma teachings that have helped him overcome the suffering of chronic mental and physical illness, as well as addiction problems.