Saturday Program

Saturday Morning (Online)

Dharma Discourses and Meditation
By Donation 10:00am – 2:00pm



Please Note: Nalandrs is closed during stage 3 Covid-19 restrictions. The Saturday Program is being broadcast live on Zoom. Registrations are online (please see details below). 


10:00 am     Dharma Discourses

12:30pm      Refreshment Break

1:00pm        Meditation

About Dharma Discourses:

Dharma Discourses is a unique class where students take turns speaking on a Dharma topic for eight minutes. We are currently working our way through Shantideva’s text “the Way of the Bodhisattva”. Each week students study and prepare to speak on 7 verses. We have found this class to be a highly effective way to learn about the Dharma. Students are therefore encouraged to participate, though newcomers are welcome to observe.

Verses for week 28 (Saturday 11 July 2020)

Chapter 6: Perfection of Patience, 106 – 112

Verse 106

The beggars in this world are many,

Attackers are comparatively few.

For as I do no harm to others,

Those who do me injury are rare.

Verse 107

So like a treasure found at home,

Enriching me without fatigue,

All enemies are helpers in my bodhisattva work

And therefore they should be a joy to me.

Verse 108

The fruits of patience are for them and me,

For both of us have brought it into being.

And yet to them they must be offered first,

For of my patience they have been the cause.

Verse 109

Yet if I say my foe should not be praised

Since he did not intend to stimulate my patience,

Why do I revere the sacred Doctrine,

 Cause indeed of my attainment?

Verse 110

“This enemy conspired to harm me,” I protest,

“And therefore should receive no honors.”

But had he worked to help me, like a doctor,

How could I have brought forth patience?

Verse 111

Because of those whose minds are full of anger,

I engender patience in myself.

They are thus the cause of patience,

Fit for veneration, like the Doctrine.

Verse 112

The worlds of beings are a buddhafield,

Thus the Mighty Lord has taught.

For many who have sought the happiness of others

Have gone beyond, attaining to perfection.



To register, please email us a receipt of your payment to before 5:00am Saturday. (see bank details below). The zoom link will be emailed to you prior to 10:00am Saturday.

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Diamond Mandala Members: $10

Gold Mandala Members: $15

Silver Mandala Members: $18

Non-Mandala Members: $20

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Please note:
As a courtesy, we ask that you please do not share the link with anyone.

If you register and are then unable to join on Saturday your fee will be a donation towards Nalandra’s future.

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