Losar (Tibetan New Year)

Saturday 13 February 2021, 10:00am



Happy Chothrul Duchen!

Nalandra wishes you a most prosperous New 2021 Year of the Iron Bull. A Chothrul Dechen/ Losar celebration will be held at Nalandra on Saturday 13 February, commencing with a 16 Arhat Puja with a Mandala offering to Rinpoche. The practice will be followed by a shared lunch including sticky rice, Tibetan tea and khapse.

Chothrul Dechen is the period starting on the first day of the new year until the fifteenth full moon, commemorating the event when Buddha Shakyamuni performed a different miracle each day to instil devotion and increase merit among heretics. Losar is the beginning of Chothrul Duchen and the New Year, which is 12-14 February in 2021.

As Rinpoche puts it, the year of the rat was truly a turning of the whole clock to 12am. It started with a huge flood of virulent viral diseases, but on the other hand paved the way to a more natural, significantly helpful ground for listening, contemplation and meditation in Dharma. Hopefully and quite certainly it would have taken all human calamities and lead to peace after the clock hand strikes 12 again. The morning of the iron ox/ bull will lead to a peaceful dawn for the next 11 years.

When: Saturday 13 February at 10:00am 

Where: Nalandra 

What: 16 Arhat Puja and Mandala Offering

What to bring:

  • Mala
  • Heavenly offerings of flowers (no lilies), incense or candles
  • A plate of food to share

Dress: Traditional Tibetan Chupas or shirts (these are available for sale at the Tibet Gallery)

Registration: This is a free event. Seats are limited and registration is essential. Early booking is advised to secure your seat. 


Covid Safety including social distancing guidelines will be maintained according to the current regulations.