13th Mahakala Puja for World Peace

Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute Hall

28, 29, 30 December 2021

COVID-19 Regulations: Please note that this event will adhere to the Covid-19 regulations that apply at the time.

His Eminence Zimo’g Rinpoche performs the Mahakala Puja for world peace annually prior to the turning of the New Year to bring prosperity for the year ahead.  

King of the Dharmapalas, Mahakala brings peace in the world in general, and helps individual Vajrayana practitioners on the path to Buddhahood. It is our privilege to be welcomed to join this timely and necessary act of compassion. All Buddhists who have taken refuge and been endorsed for a Vajrayana initiation of any kind can participate. 

Taking part in all days is recommended. It has been advised by many great masters that participation from start to finish is most beneficial for your spiritual development, as well as helping to maintain the momentum of the group energy to bring maximum benefit during the Puja and for all beings in the long run. 

Preparation day: 27 December 2021

Mahakala Puja: 28, 29, 30 December 2021

Download the Mahakala Puja Schedule

Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute Halll
787 Ridge Road, Christmas Hills, Victoria.


Download Food Health and Safety Guidelines for Helpers and Participants

Online registration is essential. The number of places will be still limited so early bookings are recommended to reserve your seat, both for members and non-members. Mandala Membership discounts are available for the full puja (use your unique Events discount code). A flat rate applies for single day registrations. Cost includes venue hire, admin fees, shrine expenses, printing of booklets, vegetarian lunches and refreshments, and Dana for Rinpoche.

2020 tickets:

5 Days Non-Members: $500
5 Days Diamond Mandala Members: $200
5 Days Gold Mandala Members: $300
5 Days Silver Mandala Members: $360
Single Day: $110 (flat rate) 

Please purchase your ticket here. 
Visit our Mandala Membership page to become a member. 

Suitable offerings to Mahakala’s shrine include:

  • flowers (no lilies)
  • candles
  • incense
  • black tea
  • fresh fruit
  • liquor/wine

What to Bring:

  • Your mala
  • Vajra & Bell and Damaru
  • Your own personal practice booklets
  • Your own personal cushion and table if preferred
  • Kapala (skull cup) for nectar
  • Small statues or images of Mahakala to sit on your practice table during the Puja
  • A face mask

 Mahakala Puja practice books will be provided.

Personal Presentation:
Please dress in relaxed, clean attire (white or neutral colors), with hair tied back in a top-knot or pony tail. No strong scents please. 

The Mahakala 2021 Puja is a not-for-profit event purely dedicated to benefit all beings and Rinpoche says it is our chance to make it right. Hence you are welcome to take part in this noble duty by letting your donation into the ocean of merit. Please use the following bank details for donations only:

BSB: 633 000 
Account Name: AIVBI 
Account Number: 120 528 641
Reference: Pujadonation

Please email us if you have any questions. Please also let us know of any special dietary requirements, and if you will need accommodation in Christmas Hills or assistance with travel.