Mahakala and Kali Puja for World Peace

27-31 December 2020

Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute Hall

Covid-19 contingencies – to be advised accordingly.

HEZR will perform the Annual Grand Mahakala Puja for world Peace in the lead up to the 2021 New Year. Due to various circumstances the Mahakala Puja was not able to be held in 2019, therefore this one will combine both the 2019 and 2020 annual Mahakala Pujas (12th and 13th) for 5 days.

In Rinpoche’s words, “In any of the six realms there is no complete happiness or trouble-free life until we reach enlightenment. To come to that Buddhahood it is our responsibility to propitiate the Dharmapalas on time to pave our way for Dharma practices and sustain meditation. It is also the Bodhisattvas moral conduct to tame evil beings, balance natural disasters and eradicate infectious diseases via the forces of Mahakala and his counterparts, to relieve every single sentient being. This Puja will offer a period of peace and happiness, and an opportunity to reflect upon oneself so that in the not too distant future one may catch the ladder to the Buddhahood”.

When: 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 December.

Where: Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute Hall

Who: HEZR with disciples of Dharma

Times: 10am – 7:30pm with breaks

Schedule & Catering: To be advised

Mahakala Booklet: The flow of the Puja will be assisted with an upgraded edition of the Mahakala Puja booklet which will be ready for use.

Musical Offerings (Rolmo): In preparation for the Puja, participants are encouraged to practice playing the musical instrument/s they will be using during the Puja. This includes the Bell and Vajra and Damaru for those who haven’t been requested to play a wind instrument. Practice sessions will be held at Nalandra soon and all who wish to attend the Puja are encouraged to attend. If you wish to be included, please join our mailing list to receive the details in your inbox.


Ticket Type5 days
Diamond Mandala Member (50% discount)$160
Gold Mandala Member (25% discount)$250
Silver Mandala Member (10% discount)$280

Single day: $50 (all membership categories)

Spouse discount: Your spouse may receive a 50% discount if you both attend.

You are welcome to offer donations to safeguard your family, friends, and all sentient beings. Your monetary donations will be solely used for the purpose of this Puja, to purchase celestial drinks for Mahakala, catering for 5 days, making tormas, and making offerings to Rinpoche. 

Ticket Conditions:
Diamond Mandala Members: reservations, transfers and refunds are all available. 
Gold and Silver Mandala Members:
1. No reservations or holds – your ticket is only valid after payment is received
2. Tickets are non-refundable
3. Tickets are not transferrable (ie, members can only purchase tickets for themselves and days not attended cannot be transferred to someone else).