Saturday meditation

Saturday meditation with Zim’og Rinpoche includes a talk on the nature of mind. For the schedule see the Saturday Program.

Oceanic meditation in 1001 ways.

After a warm up exercise to awaken the yogi within, Rinpoche leads a personally experienced Maha-yoga style meditation. By the melting of frozen fluids within, the meditator feels the unconditional love and cordial mind, winds carrying these two vital substances through the veins, wheels, and 72,000 intersectional indexes. Pulsating moments will transform severe disease, ignorance, and poisons. Life energies, virtuous thoughts, and a sharp & positive mind are gained. It is a nourishing elixir that boosts the memory and enables us to become enthusiastic players in every walk of our life. A guide to self-realization, newcomers are always welcome.

“Why care for gold, diamonds or little pleasures when we can have Great bliss by embodying the inner yogi “. H.E. Zim’og Rinpoche.

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