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  1. Zimwock Rinpoche

    This is from a group photo that was taken During HHST’s first lamdre teaching in Puruwala. Appox. 30 something years ago. Cute young boys innocent and hard learning rinpoche under their strict teacher to carry the future responsibilities.

  2. Zimwock Rinpoche

    this was taken during ground laying ceremony of Sakya Centre Rajpur Dehradun (HHST’s seat monastery) I was 13 then.

  3. Zimwock Rinpoche

    This is previous Zimwock rinpoche The 5th sitting and younger Tsewa Rinpoche from Gelug standing (later who immigrated to Nalandra after turmoil in his monastery, they two are called two brothers of Zimwock)

  4. Zimwock Rinpoche

    This is First group photo of Sakya lineage in exile. Taken during earlier first precious Lamdre teaching in place called Puruwala India, the gompa is Thupten namgyal ling. The mother monastery of HHST. On the right to HHST, eminent Zongsar Khyentse (the cup) on his right the current eminent ngor Ludhing khenpo (India) the junior. On HHST left, Zr,(Zimwock.org) and on left is eminent Dungyud Tulku who resides in Syney (sakya Tharpa ling)
    On the back of eminent dungyud tulku is late Gyalsey tulku.
    And see who else you can find.

  5. Zimwock Rinpoche

    This was taken during HHST visit to Victoria at Tsarchen ling in south gippsland. The vulnerable noble Bikshu khenpo Ngawang dhamchoe at Zr front. He has worked hard for dharma in Australia under auspice of HHST, and Australians love him.

  6. Zimwock Rinpoche

    During ground laying ceremony HHST with dignitaries. Zr on HHST right side. The first on the opposite to HHST, Kathok Geytse tulku who died in early age. Next to him is Zongna rinpoche (who established various tibetan settlements in U.P. India and the head of his settlement in dehradun (clementown) His reincarnation is found in success. Others are the engineers.

  7. Colleen Phillips

    Thanks for the insight of vajrayana of Tibet I am so happy to note that there are still deep meditators living in Tibet proper despite the Chinese ,it is enspiring to watch

  8. admin

    In year 2027. The next Kali king will be born/enthroned. It is to our cautious witness/understanding that in this hard world and in soft world/meditation. (This is not the end of great people yet) there are more in line-age.

  9. Zimwock Rinpoche

    The location for animal blessing currently looking at Yarra bent Park or hillsville Victoria. Please suggest if you know of animal friendly Park for this occasion.

  10. Zimwock Rinpoche

    This invaluable news letter wasn’t possible without the help of gorgeous M.
    Pressures mounting and printings delayed, this is how NL are not delivered quarterly. We’re working on it.

  11. Zimwock Rinpoche

    Thankful to all and to the Samasara.
    Had it ever failed to bring pearls like Buddha, would we ever have this love and understanding, more so in this 21st century?

  12. Kunga Zimwock

    The last week’s topic was how do warthful and peaceful deities communicate? Are they the same or do they switch?
    Some used avalokeswara being a person and how he formed himself as 1000 hands and eyes on each palm and similar stories. Which was good reason.

    Majority believed they’re the same.
    Some believed by practicing fear deities, one will have easier Bardo term.
    Good thing to realized they are not strangers for western dharma students, they were all received.

    I think fear deities are fit for bad spirits, they’re fearer than they’re. To stop obstacles if only we believe, such as dharma protectors.

  13. kunga

    yes we are safe and secure now. Thanks to Paypal system and Dale the invincible one. unlike many other not for profit charities we are guarding our members ID’s be faked and receive scams/virus.
    please be free of worries and assign for volunteer work or register your membership. Temporary and permanent benefits are going to last for life times.