Message for Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva – The First Virtue

Vajrasattva is Buddha Vajradhara and Akshobya (in essence) embedded. The practice of Vajrasattva can be found in both Sutra and Tantra. This empowerment will be Tantra. The true practice of Vajrasattva is to express our deepest thoughts and concerns – mind – with 4 transcendental powers. We will bathe our three doors by chanting, meditating and imagining Buddha Vajrasattva’s body, mind and speech (his unblemished Vajra mind, his unsullied Vajra speech and his crystal Vajra form).

This Vajrasattva practice has the power to transcend negativities of aggregates, 5 maras, senses, faculties and consciousnesses, from temporary hallucinations to habitual tendencies, the ultimate path of liberation. (purify deeds of previous karmas and residual downfalls and much more)

When we are mindful in life, the doubts and frustrations grows- the deepening of our understanding lacks direction. Our true motive is lacking serviceable to sentient beings. Moral ethics are making contemporary life average and the achievement of Buddhahood in this life seems to be something remote.

From dawn to sunset over 3 days, the completion of as many long (Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra) and short mantra recitations as possible is an auspicious and the only answer thing to do. It is an honorable and vulnarable, joyful act with a sense of gut feeling and divine love.

We are the seed. Whatever we plant will ripen and whatever we don’t plant will not. In fact, sometimes what we don’t plant could be the seeds of previous serious karmas – they might spread like weeds in the next and it will take the time to be cleaned up.

Buddha Vajrasattva is the relevant doctor in many professional fields of this age.

With his help, the defilements will degenerate, negative karmas will degrade. Crystallization path to realize the thousand and one Buddhas blessings during practices, meditations, and in Life profession.

Best regards.

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