Kailash M A N D A L A

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Kailash or Gang rinpoche or holy Mandala.  It is significant that Buddhists do something big meritorious deed this year because in the same wooden horse year the Buddha was incarnated. Every wholesome deed will be fully fruitful and what to mention about seeing by naked eye by visiting the Mt kailash itself. It is beyond the words of expressions. The next time will be 12 years after and  will we make it? 

followings are the furthest measure of Kailash, our language can illustrate.

from VAIROCANA  magazine  “Call of Kailash” Nepal KTM.www.vairocana.com

A classical Mandala in Buddhism is symbolic representation of the universe as a pure land of the Buddhas. In the centre of the Mandala there is the sacred Mt. Meru-the abode of the creator, called adi-Buddha- and the the sides of the Mandala represent all the wortlds of Buddhist cosmology. This mystical figure of the world is the circled inscribed in a square, which, in turn, is inscribed in a circle.

The outer circle represents the Universe, the inner circle is the world of gods, Bodhsattvas, and Buddhas. Sometimes the images of Buddhas and deities can be replaced by images of their fundamental symbols, or syllables, whose sounds express dimensions of these deities. Buddha, Bodhsattvas and gods hold ritual attributes. Like shapes and postures of the deities, they symbolically express the enlightened activity of these beings and their abilities. The ability is related to one of the five wisdoms, symbolically expressed by the color and position in the mandala. Five Buddhas or Bodhisattvas symbolise the unit of the five wisdoms as symbols of spiritual awakening.

The Kailash complex is a huge natural mandala. It has a center (top) associated with a giant pillar of the world connecting our physical world with the spiritual world and its cosmic basis – Adi Buddha. The top of the mountain is the first body of Buddha – Svabhavikakaya. The Kalaish Mandala has a square (based of the mountain), and the faces (walls) of this square are oriented to the four cardinal points, and there are also four T-shaped gates (approaches) to their planes. These four faces have their own colours and elements, They are also associated with one of the Dhyani Buddhas, representing the second body of Buddha-Dharmakaya.

Further away from its centre the unique natural mandala is represented by eight mountains adjacent Kailash. That’s the exact number of the moutons that form an extension of Kailash. In the south there are two ridges of the Inner kora and Mt. Nandi. In the west there are two ridges covering the Closed Valley at the west Face of Kailash. In the north there are Vajrapani and Chenrezig. In the east there is a rock mirror of the Valley of Life and Death. They represent the third body of Buddha – Sambhogakaya.

And finally, the outer circle of a giant mandala represents the deep diver valleys surrounding this entire fantastic complex. It is associated with an inhabited universe, and the route of the outer kora passes exactly through this complex. Here is the fourth body of Buddha – Nirmanakaya.

The central part of the Kailash Mandala is an eight-petalled lotus with holy Mt.Kailash in its centre.

For the most part, people who visit Kailash change. In what way do they change? People begin to realise who they really are. Their world view, world outlook, and perception of the environment, as well as the system of values – they all change. And the picture of the world as a whole changes too.

We are all able to get all the knowledge we require, by ourselves, by going inside our nature. In this way we learn to perceive the world in a new light, to consider ourselves in a wider and more significant way, to see ourselves more diverse and mighty that we perceived ourselves before that time. If we identify ourselves only with the physical body and its range of feelings, we deny the true perception of ourselves and bring down our potential to join the creation process.

The new energies open us infinite possibilities that we can and should realize. Our consciousness chooses the capabilities that can achieve our potential in the best way.

Continuous realisation of your potential is a real manifestation of love towards yourself and the whole creation.

Kailash is a mysterious reality. It is where we cam from and where we should return. It is the source of force that made us those who we are. The contact with this reality, especially on the Dolma La pass, can lead to the experience of death and rebirth. Overwhelmed by the power and mystery, we lose our usual ‘self’ and instead we find a new persona that was born inside ourselves.

A kora around the sacred mountain, representing a spiritual path, leads us to the source of our being. The difficulties we face during the kora require efforts and scarifies for us to have a chance to come into contact with a higher reality that reveals our own depths.

Overcoming these difficulties we overcome our own limits. Illusions and wishes that do not allow us to understand who we really are. We get the experience of this reality as a mysterious energy inflow and vision that helps us reach our goal. The same spiritual transformation can happen when you contemplate about the mountain at a distance or during visualization. Little by little, we begin to understand that the reality discovered by the sacred mountain can be experienced at any place. Gradually, we go beyond the boundaries that we usually establish between the Divine and the temporal, beautiful and ugly, good and bad; we simply experience the world as it is – wonderful in itself, Kailash reveals the truth that the nature is the creation of God. Kailash is the throne of Lord Shiva. And Shiva is both destroyer and creator.

Destruction is the deletion of Karmic constituent; creation is making a new program. People who perform a kora experience destruction of the old system and creation of the new one. There is change in abilities.

Staying beside the mountain transforms a person. If you look at the people coming back from Kailash, you can see their eyes shine with divine light.

People can feel vibrations with planetary and other energies only if they are ready to accept these energies without prejudice to the physical body. Most evidently, Kailash manifests the following principle: external events are the reflections of our internal state. The mountain can extremely reflect and show things that can never appear in the human life. This it does, sometimes in the from of dissatisfaction, and sometimes by means of aggression.

We have noticed many times that if there is any discontent inside, Kailash will react immediately. The weather becomes worse, snow storm appears, and strong wind starts blowing. You can face different unclear obstacles and delays. Your health can deteriorate rapidly. External factors can make a kora impossible to complete. Much depends on thoughts people keep in their mind when they go to Kailash, and the reasons too. If people got the sacred mountain only to get something for themselves, they are unlikely to get it, and they will probably will be disappointed. It is to be recalled that in the Buddhist tradition the kora is often carried out for the benefit of all living beings. The way to yourself is moving away from selfish love towards yourself to love without any conditions. The way to yourself…they are simple words, but they conceal the whole senesce of our existence, because we go inside ourselves, we find there, an unlimited space that we call -home- if we feel comfortable in our home, inside ourselves, then we are on the right way. The inner harmony reflects outside, going to all directions like waves and creating the reality of our world. Everything inside us reflects the outside and comes back to us for further understanding and development of our abilities.