Meditation & Practice


10-11am Meditation
11:30am-12.30pm Sadhana practice (replacing chanting)

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NB. Changes to Saturday Chanting
The chanting practices that follow meditation will be replaced by sadhana practice this year. On successive weeks, the puja will be:

1. Vajrasattva
2. Green Tara
3. Vajrapani
4. Avalokiteshvara


Rashi awaken us!

MEDITATION …rewrite in their own intellect and become slaved by so-called mindfulness. There is no such thing as mindfulness in a meditational  and non meditational world to do. Mindfulness is how a large proportion of people suffer with side effect of heart pain, depression, high blood pressure. The results: intolerance, individualiesd, short temper, cunning, green eye, pride etc . The more you tame, more in the nature to go unruly, why is neuro psychiatrist gets busy these days.

Buddha said there are three types of meditations:

1. that is for perma-frozen ground, technique is called Shamata or calm abiding or single pointed meditation on blue flower/on the image statue  of mighty ones that can inspires your attention.

2. for the secondary faculty, technique is Vipasana or analytical meditation, exploring the wealth of wisdon of correct understanding.

3. for the classic category, the subtle level of consciousness/clear light imminence, call it mahamudra,  for those who have higher capacity in mundane education/understanding and thus focusing towards mediation. For such, symbol of meditation itself is a gateway to the experiential liberation and celebration, having no definition of worst and no identical self. In the Ether over the planet where one have never been. Who does not need to be seeing but being seen.  Forensic of the past lives awaken them. Connecting to the trillion souls during when alignation to complete re-programing, there dawn multivalent clear light.

Food is a perfect  metaphor. Some needs long cooking. Some requires short cooking. Some need no cooking at all like salmon.  So if I try to cook everything than waste, ruin, energy, time, finance etc will be all self create disappointments.

Listen to this>from Tsarchen losal gyaltso's SONG ON THE ROAD , from Syrus streans. Wisdom.Pub. 2013

“The apparent images of a existence and peace in this dream drama are apparitions of once mind along- nothing else.  Essence of mind itself is beyond what is realized and the act of the realization.

The hair of the turtles covered the lotus of the sky. The sound of the echo called to the moon in the water.

The horns of the rabbit killed the sun of the barren.

I tricked myself before with pointless confusion.

Mind that cannot be gazed upon- I’ve gazed upon now.

The truth that can’t be seen I’ve seen.

How to express what can’t be expressed inwards. kye ho!

Now practice is over”


Mantra Recitation and Maha Guru prayers.

A group recitation of the mantras of Vajrasattva, Shakya Muni Buddha Mantra, Heart sutra Mantra, Padmasambhava Mantra, Chenrezig long and short Mantra, Medicine Buddha,  Green Tara and Mahakala, followed by the prayers to our Lineage Parents . This weekly recitation is important to keep our connection with our Yidams and lamas strong. The sounds of the Mantras are profound for unlocking the system and tailing the inner, outer and secret deities. You can join with your Mala in clean consciousness and re-group in this group recitation.

On special occasions we may also include a practice sadhana of Chenrezig or another deity, as appropriate for those in attendance.

All Rinpoche's teaching and meditations are subject to change.
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