Happy Losar

Nalandra wishes you a most prosperous New 2019 Year. Rinpoche invites us all to celebrate Tibetan Losar.

When: Tuesday 5 February at 6:30am

Where: Nalandra 

What: 16 Arhat Puja followed by breakfast

What to bring: Flowers and Incense. 

The time is coming to celebrate the Tibetan Lunar New Year, 2146 years since Buddha’s descent on Earth. The first to the fourteenth days of the first lunar calendar month coincide with the commencement of Buddha’s miraculous activities. These miraculous acts were Buddha’s final approach to subdue the ordinary magical performances of old school believers and hardliners. It was to expose their radical dogmas and false views so they could practice the rightful way of religious life. In effect they surrendered at his holy feet and followed his teachings (the path of non-violence, peace and harmony).

For this reason it is the holiest month in the Buddhist calendar. This bunch of fourteen days (Chotrul Duchen) could come in our favour to quickly recollect the Buddhahood in one lifetime, as it is the most efficient time for generating merits and purifying karmas. 

So let’s come together in the field of Buddha/Nalandra to solely dedicate our good merits for the sake of all sentient beings. 

Please join with our fellow Sangha to perform a 16 Arhat Puja followed by breakfast blended with happiness, such as sticky rice, fruits, Tibetan tea and khabse (deep fried holy pastries). 

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