Rinpoche Blesses the Animals

With an ever growing love for our animal friends, HE Zimo’g Rinpoche performed his annual Animal Blessing Ceremony at Lilydale Lake in October. The Ceremony was well attended by around 40 dogs, a rabbit, a bird and over 60 people. Rinpoche gave a beautiful group blessing with recitation of prayers and matras, followed by individual blessings for each of the animals who received blessing cords and treats. Volunteers from Animal Aid attended the event and $400 in proceeds was donated to the charity.

Rinpoche was also invited to give blessings to dogs at “Dogapalooza” in November, a popular music gig for humans and their canine pets. Once again he gave a group blessing and then individual blessings to more than 40 dogs.  

Thank you Rinpoche for your devotion to promoting the wellbeing of animals and freeing them from samsara. May all of these fortunate animals attain liberation!


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