Secure site

Hi all,
For fuller and safer online experience for all our visitor's/member's 
and to safeguard their personal information, all Nalandra sites(.org and .com)
will now utilise secure browsing protocols. This includes a PayPal secure payments gateway. 
We have deployed other services 'behind the scenes' to enhance our web-security further.
Our aim is to facilitate a positive online experience for all.

You will now see the green padlock and the word "Secure | https://" as shown below.
Thanks all,

One thought on “Secure site”

  1. kunga

    yes we are safe and secure now. Thanks to Paypal system and Dale the invincible one. unlike many other not for profit charities we are guarding our members ID’s be faked and receive scams/virus.
    please be free of worries and assign for volunteer work or register your membership. Temporary and permanent benefits are going to last for life times.


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