Nalandra Newsletter

Issue 7 of the Nalandra Newsletter is now available for reading online or in print. Featuring an article from Rinpoche on his retreat, pictures of Nalandra’s future gompa, a range of articles from the Nalandra Sangha, and pictures of events in 2018-2019, it is rich with information and inspiration.

The newsletter is the culmination of generosity from Rinpoche and many of his students. Thanks to Jaqueline (Jinpa) Barnes for writing and compiling, to Andy MacMillan, Prue Lamont, Annabel Martin, Kevin Vallence and Pauline Gallagher for contributing articles, to those who contributed photos and all who helped with editing. It was a tremendous group effort and we hope you will enjoy reading it. 

If you would like a printed copy, please come to Nalandra and collect one. The online version is available on the link below.

Nalandra Newsletter Issue 7, 2019

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