Holy Saga Dawa/Vesak

During the month of Saga Dawa (16 May – 13 June) we celebrate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. We will perform a 16 Arhat Puja at Nalandra at the beginning, middle and end of Saga Dawa month on the following dates:

Wednesday 16 May, 7:30pm.
Tuesday 29 May (Full moon), 7:30pm.
Wednesday 13 June, 7:30pm.

At home Rinpoche advises us to do Avalokiteshvara practice for the deceased, or to simply observe the eight precepts. These are: 1. not harming sentient beings, 2. not stealing, 3. refraining from false speech, 4. refraining from sexual union, 5. abstaining from intoxicants, 6. fasting in the evening, 7. abstaining from singing, dancing, cosmetics and decorative accessories, 8. sitting and sleeping on a high throne. It is highly recomemeded that lay/ Vajrayana practitioners observe these precepts for 15 days during the waxing moon if not for the entire holy month of Saga Dawa.


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