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Dharma Discourses Week 13

Shantideva’s Buddha’s Way (of Life)  Verses for week 13 (Saturday 28 March 2020): Chapter 6: Perfection of Patience, 35 – 41 6.35Yet carelessly, all unaware,They tear themselves on thorns and briars;And ardent in pursuit of wives and goods,They starve themselves of nourishment. 6.36Some hang themselves or leap into the void,Or eat bad food or swallow deadly […]

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Dharma Discourses Saturday 11 April

  This Saturday 11 April at 10am, we will speak on verses 20 –24 of Shantideva’s classic text “The Way of the Bodhisattva”: This was taught with logical reasons In the Request by Subahu By the Tathagata himself For those inclined toward the lesser vehicle. If even the thought to dispel The headaches of sentient […]

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