Tsarchen dharma raja (1494-1567)

Although the lineage of Phenpo Nalandra, founder, KUNGCHEN RONGTON CHENPO meaning “omniscient Buddha from rong  village”, (much more to come soon) has begun long before Tsarchen the Dharma king known as “Tsarchen Choje in Tibetan came into existence. But Tsarchen alike Rongton, besides all his accomplishments in tall realizations through Mahayana, also played a huge great role in perseverance, emphasis and particularly pining  down in higher practices such as Sakyapa’s Hevajra Tantra, Kalachakra tantra, 13 golden Dharmas, Vajra Yonigini Tantra and so on. Under whose name we carry or named the lineage after today. Is it because his way of spreading  lamdre teaching was so famous and prominent or because the Tibetans were more ready to understand essentiality of Vajrayanism more than when they immature! 


He is the founder of the Tsarpa sub-sect of the Sakya tradition. Tsarchen resided at the Dar Drangmoche monastery in the providence of Tsang that he founded . He had all the qualities and virtues of a scholar as well as a deep practitioner. He studied with sixty-three masters from the four traditions of Tibet without any bias, and received all the profound teachings that were available in Tibet at that time. Tsarchen was a disciple of Doringpa Kunpang Chenpo.

Tsarchen Losal Gyatso was able to reach high levels of realizatons with Vajrayogini as his main deity.

Tsarchen attracted a vast number of students from all traditions. He was named the “Vajradhara of our age of discord”.

Some of his most famous students were Khyentse Wangchuk and Ludrub Gyatso, both of which continued to maintain the Tsarpa lineage. The third Dalai Lama was also a student of Tsarchen.

Many of his writings are still available today, especially his teachings on Hevajra visualization and on the Vajrayogini teachings.

The Fifth Dalai Dama wrote an important biography of Tsarchen.