His Eminence Zimwock Rinpoche


In the tradition of some of the greatest mahasiddhas and secret yogis of Buddhism, Zimwock Rinpoche left the monastery. In 1995, he migrated to Switzerland where he married, raised three daughters and led an apparently secular life. There he learned the true nature of living in the West and all its practicalities.

Centres and Teachings

In December 2008, Zimwock Rinpoche took up the role of resident teacher of Jamchen Buddhist Centre in Melbourne, Australia. In June 2009, he was given the blessing of His Holiness 41st Sakya Trizin to become Jamchen’s spiritual director. His Holiness the Dalai Lama also gave him blessings in Melbourne in 2010.


In March 2014, Zimwock Rinpoche opened a new centre in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne – the Australian International Vajrayana Buddhist Institute (AIVBI), also known as Nalandra after the Nalandra Monastery in Phenpo, Tibet. AIVBI was founded with the generous sponsorship of HE Tulku Baima Aose Rinpoche from Hong Kong. Zimwock Rinpoche currently holds all his Melbourne teachings and most of his special events at Nalandra. The Jamchen membership has contributed greatly to support Rinpoche in establishing this new centre.

Since 2010, Zimwock Rinpoche has offered a number of significant empowerments at Jamchen and Nalandra and at interstate and overseas centres. He has taught on ancient texts of the Indian masters including Shantideva, Nagarjuna and the great Atisha, the disciple of Shantipa. In December each year, Zimwock Rinpoche offers a 3-day puja (drupchoe) to the great Dharma Protector Mahakala for world peace. High Vajrayana-initiated Dharma students come from centres across Australia to participate. The puja is performed in the traditional way– a unique ceremony rarely conducted in the West.

In The Melbourne Community

Along with offering the essential practices of the Sakya Buddhist tradition, Zimwock Rinpoche has achieved significant recognition in the Melbourne Buddhist community and in inter-faith dialogue. In May 2010, 2011 and 2014, he was an invited speaker to the Melbourne celebration of the UN Day of Vesak. In September 2011, he was invited to conduct the annual blessing at the rocks at St Michael’s Uniting Church. Annually, he offers a blessing to animals to celebrate World Animal Day. He sits on the Victorian Police Multi-faith Committee.