Australian International Vajrayana Buddhist Institute

Nalandra, The Home of Buddhas.


The root and lineage gurus of Nalandra Institute and His Eminence 6th Zimo’g Rinpoche are: His Excellence Vajradhara/Vajrasattva/Hevajra in person, His Holiness the 41st Lama Sakyapa Chenpo Ngawang Kunga Thekchen Palbar Trinle Samphel Wangi Gyalpo Tashi Drake Gyaltsen Palsangpo; Vajradhara/ Lord Virupa in person, Chogye Trichen Ngawang Khyenrap Lekshe Gyatso Tashi Drake Gyaltsen Palsangpo; Vajradhara Ngorchen Kunga Sangpo in person, Ngor Sharchen Luding Khenchen Dampa Dorje Chang Ngawang Kunga Choekyi Nyima Tashi Drake Gyaltsen Palsangpo. We are very grateful and fortunate to be borne under the umbrella of their blessing, power and protection. Nalandra is dedicated to the rapid cultivation of wisdom through mind and meditation, to stream the blessings of our Guru and shine their qualities upon our mindstream.

Nalandra highly respects every lineage of Tibetan Buddhist schools and their masters. We place a special emphasis on the wellbeing of family and animals and advocate for vegetarianism and an alcohol-free community. Our teachings and actions are both broadly focused and particularly orientated toward the needs of individuals.


Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to keep Dharma going as a tool to serve peace and happiness upon every sentient being, uphold religious non-sectarianism, and to preserve the sacred knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. Ultimately our goal is to achieve Buddhahood through our good actions.

About Nalandra

His Eminence Zimo’g (Zimwock) Rinpoche had a vision to establish his own Buddhist centre in Australia based on the Nalandra Monastery in Tibet, after completing five years as a resident teacher for the Jamchen Buddhist Centre, Balwyn Victoria . With the enthusiasm of his friends and supporters and by the blessings of his Gurus, Rinpoche was able to secure a not-for-profit company called the Australian International Vajrayana Buddhist Institute (AIVBI), also known as Nalandra, in March 2014.​ Soon after, a new sister centre called Nalandra Padma Retreat Centre in India was founded.

A centre for mind and place for meditation, Nalandra is a growing, healthy community for learning and studying the Buddha’s wisdom by all means. It is an inspiring place to:

  • Receive Buddha’s knowledge (kindness and compassion)
  • Learn Dharma teachings (by listening, pondering and meditating)
  • Practise meditation (guided and solitary meditation/retreat)
  • Attend numerous special events throughout the year (World Animal Day, guest teachers, Buddhist celebrative holy parinirvana days of lineage Gurus and Masters, pilgrimages, Annual Puja days etc.).

​About His Eminence Zimo’g Rinpoche

His Eminence Zimo’g Rinpoche 6th is a pre-eminent Sakya Tsarpa master of the Dagpo Tashi Namgyal 600 year old Tsarpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche was born in exile in India and at a very early age recognised and enthroned by His Holiness Sakya Trizin as being the 6th Zimwock Tulku. In brief, he received full traditional training under many great beings and his personal tutor. He achieved Acharya status with a Masters Degree in Buddhist Philosophy. He then resided in Switzerland for over a decade where he married and began raising a family like a yogi, which makes him even more eminent. For more information on Rinpoche’s life story see here.

Now an Australian resident, His Eminence is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Nalandra Buddhist Institute located in Ringwood East, VIC.

Rinpoche offers higher and short empowerments and teaches with great warmth and insight. He embraces knowledge gained through years of life within Western culture, while maintaining the authenticity of the precious Tibetan lineage he carries.

HEZR’s enthronement at age 5 years.