Nalandra, home for seventy million Buddhas

The home of Buddhas is dedicated to the rapid cultivation of happiness and spreading the teachings of the Buddha in manifolds. It is under the direction of Sakya master Zimwock Kunga Lodoe (Zim’og Rinpoche). Flagging victory in non-sectarian Buddhism and vegetarianism, our teachings and actions are both broadly focused and particularly orientated toward the needs of individuals.

About Nalandra
Nalandra was officially opened by His Eminence Zimwock Rinpoche who named the centre after his seat in Tibet, the Nalandra Monastery. It is the first Dharma Centre to open under the banner of the Australian International Vajrayana Buddhist Institute (AIVBI), founded by Rinpoche in March 2014.

A centre for study and meditation, Nalandra is an inspiring place to receive Dharma teachings, practise meditation, and attend numerous special events throughout the year.

The mission of the AIVBI is to promote peace and non-violence, encourage religious and social harmony amongst all people, relieve the suffering of animals, and to preserve and extend the teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

About His Eminence Zimwock Rinpoche
His Eminence Zimwock (Zim’og) Rinpoche 6th is a pre-eminent Sakya master of the Dagpo_Tashi_Namgyal” 600 year old Tsarpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Rinpoche was born in exile in India and at a very early age recognised and enthroned by His Holiness Sakya Trizin as being the 6th Zimwock Tulku. He received traditional training under many great masters and achieved Acharya status with a Masters Degree in Buddhist Philosophy. Afterwards he resided in Switzerland for over a decade where he married and began raising a family like a yogi. Which makes him even more eminent. He has clear understanding of how path lies within Samsara and the goodness of this and future.

Now an Australian resident, Rinpoche teaches with great warmth and insight, higher and short empowerments, embracing knowledge gained through years of life within Western culture, while maintaining the authenticity of the precious Tibetan lineage he carries. He is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Australian International Vajrayana Buddhist Institute.

Capricon rinpoche