Dharma Discourses Saturday 11 April


This Saturday 11 April at 10am, we will speak on verses 20 –24 of Shantideva’s classic text “The Way of the Bodhisattva”:

This was taught with logical reasons
In the Request by Subahu
By the Tathagata himself
For those inclined toward the lesser vehicle.

If even the thought to dispel
The headaches of sentient beings
Possesses a beneficial intention, and
Possesses immeasurable merit,

Then what need to mention the wish to dispel
The boundless unhappiness of each and every being
And the desire to provide
Boundless good qualities to each and every one?

Even fathers and mothers,
Who else has such a beautiful thought?
Do even gods and sages?
Does even Brahma have it?

For those beings who
Have never before even dreamed
Such a thought as this for their own purpose,
How could it possibly arise for the purpose of others?