Nalandra’s new home and plans for a Gompa

Nalandra has moved to a new premises in Ringwood East. The property is being leased from a student of Nalandra, who is also one of the directors. He shares Zim’og Rinpoche’s vision of building an assembly hall/gompa for imparting the teachings of the Buddha’s Dharma for many years to come. He has made the generous offer for Nalandra to build an assembly hall/gompa on his property and fund the application for a planning permit. We expect a positive outcome of this based on our research and experience with the process so far. Nalandra is able to lease the property until in a position to purchase it.

(See here for the address, transport and parking).


The one-acre property contains a renovated house with a spacious gompa area overlooking a yard filled with native trees, giving it a semi-rural feel. There is a clearing where the gompa is to be built, minimising disturbance to the vegetation.


Working bees have cleared the property and work is ongoing inside and out. The finishing touches are expected to be finished by mid-April, when regular meditation and teachings will commence.


The gompa area comfortably fit 20 people for the Losar celebration on 12 March, it’s inaugural event.

A new assembly hall/gompa will be built on the property to enable Nalandra to accommodate larger events for special occasions, and include classrooms for Nalandra’s education program. Nalandra’s Abbot Venerable Hojun Futen is in the process of designing an education program together with lay teachers Duane, Annabel and Rikki.

The aim is for Nalandra to have a permanent property with an assembly hall/gompa for teaching, meditation and special events, as well as capacity for long and short individual and group retreats. There will also be a lounge/bookshop, and the house will accommodate Nalandra’s library.

See here for the gompa plans, fundraising activities and opportunities to donate.