Nalandra’s new Dharma Teachers

On 11 February 2017 Rinpoche promoted four of his long-term Dharma students, appointing them as Dharma teachers. Venerable Hojun Futen was appointed as Abbot of Nalandra, Duane Nylen as male lay teacher, Annabel Martin as female lay teacher, and Rikki O’Brien as yoga teacher. They will share the teachings of the Buddha according to their specific area of interest. We thank them in advance for their contributions toward a more peaceful and harmonious world.

It is Rinpoche’s long term wish to deliver a non-sectarian Dharma program to Australians and this is a critical step in fulfilling his vision. The new teachers will structure a weekly schedule of classes. From all walks of life and every aspect of being, they will bring together yoga for mind, mind for meditation, and meditation for absolute happiness.

The teachers’ interests and short articles about themselves will be published in upcoming newsletters. Please stay posted and support their development in the Dharma for the benefit of all beings.