This year HE Zim’og Rinpoche will offer a non-residential Vajrayogini retreat at Nalandra’s new premises in November/December. We apologise for the short notice due to the work we have been undertaking to prepare the property for events.

The new centre is the ideal setting for a retreat, as well as being commutable and keeping the cost down for participants. Another benefit is that one can also go home and bless their home as a retreat house during the retreat.

The retreat will be held during the raising moon. The raising lunar cycle is said to have immense fluidity power to reach higher goals/contemplative achievements. The retreat will be for 5 fuller days commencing on the evening of Guru Rinpoche’s day, Tuesday 28 November, until mid-afternoon Sunday 3 December (concluding by entering the full cycle of the moon). It is incredibly rare for such a retreat, and by an eminent teacher whose previous incarnation (HE Zim’og V) was a Vajrayogini master himself. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Practitioners will be requested to conduct the first morning practice session at home. The remaining sessions will be conducted at Nalandra. On the first morning, Rinpoche will offer the Vajrayogini blessing (jin-lap), including a commentary (khird, pronounced ‘ti’) and transmission (loong). He will also offer a refuge ceremony. 

From Thursday to Saturday four sessions of retreat will be practiced at Nalandra in the form of the 11 yogas. Thee first session will mainly focus on the on the 4th and 5th yoga, followed by the remaining yogas. The second session will mainly focus on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th yoga, followed by the remaining yogas. The third session will focus on the 3rd to 11th yogas. The fourth session will mainly focus on the 9th yoga which is verbal and mental mantra recitations, while going through all 11 yogas.

All practitioners will be requested to acquire/prepare a skull cup (therdpa), vajra & bell, daimaru and mala. If one has a skull cup it can be left at Nalandra during the retreat along with vajra, bell and daimaru. Otherwise Nalandra will provide a nectar container. Practitioners will also be provided with a practice booklet, a poster with the syllable hum to stick on the entrance door to their home, and a poster of a crossed triangle with the syllable hum in the centre to stick in their bedroom. 

Rinpoche says “this retreat is an exemplary format in coming closer to her feet of devotion, also for future such retreats if one is to hold for a lengthy period”

See here for the detailed retreat schedule, retreat preparations and costs.

For more information contact us at or phone 0449 996 492.