Rinpoche will give a public talk in Castlemaine on the Nature of Mind, including a guided meditation. It is his third visit to Castlemaine in the last few years. This is a great opportunity to combine a trip to the countryside with listening to Rinpoche’s talk and meditation. These talks are suitable for all and well worth the trip.

These talks started with Rinpoche’s occasional trips to the countryside with his dogs, enjoying the fresh coffee in the fresh air. He met some local people at the Daylesford Sunday market who requested him to give a talk in Castlemaine during a trip to the countryside. Rinpoche thought this was a good idea and gave his first talk in 2013 on ‘How to live a meaningful life’, including a guided meditation. That was a welcomed talk and in 2016 he gave a talk on ‘Mind and Meditation’.

This is the third talk, stemming from Rinpoche’s own experience and understanding of the bigger picture of why Buddha gave so much as 84,000 different teachings. He encourages that it is all about the mind. The so-called seed of the Buddha or basic consciousness all happens if we are relaxed and treasure the mind.

Rinpoche says he has a thousand more reasons how and why looking at the nature of mind brings its own delights and richness. He is very glad that this time his talk in Castlemaine is taking him back to the countryside, while it used to be the other way around. He says he will be focused and deliver the essence of mind extracted from the feeling of openness and freedom of the countryside.

Suggested donation $15/$10.

For more information contact Kevin on 0497 012 103 or nalandrainstitute@gmail.com.