“Rescuing, saving, and freeing animals increases longevity and brings richness.” Buddha. 

Date:  Sunday 29 October 2017

Times: Registration at 10.30am, ceremony 11:00am, lunch 12:30pm

Location: Ruffey Lake Park BBQ area, Church Road Doncaster, 3108 (use this link to google maps, or search for 213 Church road Templestowe) (Melways Ref. 33H9). Enter Church Road from King Street (not George Street) and proceed to the car park at the end of the road. Look for the prayer flags!

Bring: Your animal friend, vegetarian food and drinks to share for lunch if you are able, chairs or a picnic blanket.

By Donation:
This year proceeds will go to Animal Aid, a not-for-profit agency that provides foster care and adoption services. Animal Aid volunteers will attend the blessing with some dogs for adoption. If you wish, animal food may be donated to the agency.

Nalandra’s Annual Animal Blessing is inspired by World Animal Day and usually held around October. This year marks the 9th Buddhist Animal Blessing day. Zim’og Rinpoche conducts a Medicine Buddha ritual that includes recitation of Sutra, Mantras and offering prayers to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their help towards the wellbeing of quadrupeds of the past, present and future. Following the blessing ceremony the animals are given blessing cords, blessed water and blessed food.

Please feel free to participate by bringing your pet (or that of a relative/friend, or even a teddy bear), vegetarian plate and drinks to share for lunch if you are able, and a picnic blanket if you prefer. Please notify us of any large animals.

The names and photographs of any animals that need prayers can be brought for the blessing if they are not able to come or are no longer with us.

For more information contact Nalandra’s Animal Blessing Day Co-ordinator Prue Lamont on 0449 996 492.